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Group Insurance

Group Insurance Made Easy

Your employees are not all the same – each and every one of them has different needs and medical requirements. Wouldn’t you like to be able to offer them a choice in medical plans and still save money in premiums? We have 34 plans designed to save you money and offer the best care for everyone.

For example, if a percentage of your employees want to elect Kaiser Permanente they can; if a percentage wants to elect Blue Shield they can, if a percentage only wants dental we can do that as well. I think you get the idea – and you will only receive one monthly bill for all of the premiums. Here are the program highlights:

  • 5 Health Plans/22 Plans Designs
  • 16 HMOs/3 PPOs
  • 3 Consumer Directed Plans
  • 34 Pricing Levels
  • Dental/Vision/Hearing
  • Chiropractic/Acupuncture
  • Life/HR Support
  • Employee Choice/2 - 50 Employees
  • Defined Contribution/Single Source Administration
  • HSA Accounts – Use savings account to reduce premiums
  • Let us show you how we can save you money on your premiums by allowing us to offer you a free no-obligation quote. Call us at 949.825.6031 to set up an appointment to come to your office.

    Group healthcare can be simplified while still offering the most comprehensive benefits for you and your employees. It does not matter if your insurance is not up for renewal; all medical plans are month to month and can be changed and updated at any time without disruption to your employees.

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    Accounting & Tax Matters:

    Individual Tax Returns
    Corporate Tax Returns
    Bookkeeping Services
    Non-Profit Tax Returns
    Business Valuation
    Business Entity Formation
    Estate Tax Returns
    Compilation & Review
    Business Start-up & Development
    Fiduciary Accounting
    Partnership, Corp, and LLC Tax Preparation

    Corporation Matters:

    Buy-Sell Agreements
    Key-Person Initiatives
    Defined Pension Plans
    401K Platforms
    Disability Policies
    Business Continuation
    Health & Dental Insurance
    Long Term Care Policies
    Deferred Comp Plans

    Family Matters & Estate Planning:

    Living Trusts & Wills
    Tax Reduction & Planning
    Probate Avoidance
    Gifting Strategies
    Family Limited Partnerships
    Elder Care Planning
    Medicare & Medical Support
    Over 25 Protective Estate Planning Trusts

    Financial Matters:

    Managed Money
    Public Offerings
    Natural Gas & Energy
    IRAs, 403Bs, & 457s
    Mutual Funds & Equities
    Bonds & Options
    Real Estate Investments
    Fixed Income & Annuities
    UITs & Debt Securities
    Leasing Programs
    Warrants & ETFs
    Indexed Annuities
    Term & Whole Life Insurance

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